This Is How You Fall in Love With Life

Make it a constant learning curve.

Katarzyna Portka


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If you, like me, want to get the best out of life, approach it through the eyes of a student.

Learning curve is defined as the rate of a person’s progress in gaining experience or new skills.

The more you experience something new, the more progress you make.

The more you repeat the same experience, the more comfortable you become with the stuff you once considered a novelty.

Life Gets Predictable. It Can Get Dull.

But what happens if we approach every day with the possibility that we still don’t know enough?

We need to make life an adventure. Better yet. Discover the adventurer side within us.

When we assume we know it all, our minds become idle. We miss out on new information.

When you adopt a growth mindset, that there is always a skill to learn, a beauty to discover, you level up your life.

There Is Always Room for Improvement.

It doesn’t imply that there is something wrong with you. It means you are open to growth.

Stillness is death. To be alive is to grow.

People who fear failures, who sabotage their progress with perfectionism, are afraid to live.

Living means making mistakes, getting things wrong and fixing them by learning a lesson.

When you are afraid to admit that you are a work in progress, you lack confidence. Because feeling confident doesn’t mean you have nothing to improve. It means you know you are capable of learning new things.

Becoming a Student of Life Means Opportunities.

In the face of challenges, you don’t succumb. You approach them as blessings in disguise.

Will it be comfortable?

I hope not. Because comfort does not offer you growth.

Life’s challenges usually appear as inconveniences as they bring changes, and a human mind despises the change. But the same adversity accelerates your growth.



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