How to Write When Fear of Other’s Opinions Holds You Back

How badly do you want to write?

Katarzyna Portka


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Fear is an unquestionable part of the writing process or any creative process, for that matter.

To cringe at the mere thought of posting your work is not a big deal. We all struggle with doubts.

But how you respond to fear is what breaks the deal.

Everyone has a little voice in the back of their minds whispering: You are not good enough. You will look like a fool.

But everyone can also choose not to follow that voice. It takes practice. Yet, conquering the fear of living authentically make you invincible.

The price we pay.

People don’t get what they want because they are afraid of feedback.

We don’t submit the draft.

We don’t post that picture.

We don’t show somebody we care.

What if we got rejected? What if somebody tries to convince us we are not good enough?

People can and will have an opinion about everything you do. It is up to you whether you believe their judgement.

Yes, you can get rejected. Will it stop you from trying again?

Yes, you may face criticism. Will you allow the opinion of somebody else to impact your self-esteem?

When you allow the fear of expressing yourself to hold you back, you:

  • won’t reach your goals,
  • you will play it safe and don’t take risks, a.k.a. opportunities,
  • waste your potential and your precious time here.

Where is fun in that?

When you follow your passion, you no longer live in the vibration of lack. You are at peace with everyone having the right to an opinion, and so do you through expressing yourself.

Fear will always be there.

Instead of avoiding it, you will be better off embracing it. Accept fear as your companion.

What is the worst-case scenario when you publish your words? Will you die?

No? Then I don’t see the reason you



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