Here Is Why Your Messy Life Is Perfect

Don’t fight with the Universe. You will lose.

Katarzyna Portka


Photo by Tobias Bjørkli from Pexels

Life rarely happens the way we had planned it. If anything, it goes against our best efforts to keep it neat and sweet.

At first, it infuriates us because it makes no sense. You can barely tame the emotional chaos raging inside your soul.

But with time, we learn to appreciate whatever comes our way.

If you feel lost, pause and take a deep breath to see the perfection around you.

Where you are is perfect.

Everything in life is perfection.

Look at the stars shining bright at night.

Let the kids, playing in the autumn leaves, take your breath away.

Pat your dog and feel the gratitude spilling from his existence.

Sip your morning coffee in silence and capture the perfection of the moment.

Witness the world waking up.

Photo by furkanfdemir from Pexels

Since the world is the reflection of ourselves, and it has been created by the Divine, we also possess that particle of divine energy.

Since the creation is perfection, so are we.

Every stage of your life occurs because it is the way it is supposed to happen.

Your morning burnt toast is perfection.

You crying yesterday was perfection.

Not knowing where you are going is perfect. Thrilling. Actually. The unknown is where the magic happens.

Not getting what you want is perfect. It redirects you to the path of growth into a better version of yourself.

Every stage of your life occurs because it is the way it is supposed to happen. It wouldn’t unfold if it didn’t fit into a larger picture.

Stumbling on the unexpected is perfect.

Struggling with a creative process is perfect.



Katarzyna Portka

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