The reason you are not using its full potential.

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Yes, it is based on vibrations, emotions and thoughts. But it requires action, an inspired one.

First of all, this law is omnipresent and universal, just like the law of gravity. You cannot cease using any of it.

Second of all, you have utter control of how you want to utilize and exploit it to your advantage.

Here are golden rules you should adopt:

Circumstances do not matter.

Once we fail to achieve what we desire, we tend to focus on lack. According to the principle:

What you concentrate on, it becomes louder.

We dig into the problem instead focusing on the solution. Whenever…

A few habits you should give up.

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With minimalism on the rise, decluttering your life became a hot trend. Overexploiting our space or finances seems a recipe for a disaster and social misconduct.

It got me thinking: shouldn’t we make an inventory of habits that sabotage our self-growth? After all, the self-help industry, as reported by Market Research, by 2022 will have an estimated growth of $13.2 billion with 5.6% average yearly gains.

We seem so eager to work on ourselves, but do we even exercise tips and tricks found in the self-help section of the bookstore?

Hungry for some practical advice? Here are some ingredients you…

The key to a successful and bullshit-free life.

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I used to fear being rejected. Whether in a job interview, asking a guy on a date or asking for help. My perfectionist side would surface disguised as a fear of failure: “Don’t take the next step, you might mess up your latest progress”.

Do you know what the fear has presented me with?

Comfort zone. Stability. Anxiety. I was merely floating. What an infertile way of existing.

Fear from rejection deprives you of chances to grow, navigating through new relationships, experimenting with the raw taste of life.

But the same fear can also unravel a fertile ground for self-growth.

When ‘I am enough’ is not enough.

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When I stumbled upon my path of awakening, I was convinced I have found the remedy to all pains. No more grey clouds above my head. No more low energy mornings. I have finally found my armour made of steel.

That was when my ups and downs have really hit in.

By adopting this notion of spiritual awakening as a superpower, I found myself strongly disappointed once I felt out of whack, once my fears kicked in, once my eyes were brimming over with tears. The clash was unbearable.

I got used to a constant struggle, putting myself out there…

Small changes add up to powerful habits.

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Close your eyes. Quiet the mind.

Answer this question: What makes you a better version of yourself?

Everyone has it. The key is to own it.

We tend to pay so much attention to the quality of our clothes, skincare and outside appearance. Seldom do we remember to pick out constructive thoughts, a supportive workplace or simply a harmonious environment to recharge.

The most gratifying project you will ever work on is you. Why not investing all there is in starting the day on your terms? …

#3. Do not engage.

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Whether it comes from your mom on how to cut apples or fold your clothes, from a stranger ranting about your misconceptions. Perhaps the negative talk comes from your reflection in the mirror, judging every inch of your body.

Criticism is here. Instead of fighting it, accept it.

Easier said than done, right?

It is manageable, though. First, you need to understand where judgement is coming from and why are we so attached to the destructive habit.

Bear in mind, though: criticism is not feedback or self-awareness of our limiting beliefs.

When it comes to criticism, we feel offended. We…

Listen to your gut, before you kill it.

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I am waiting for the buzz of the alarm to go off. Waiting for the rush to start. The rush to prepare my food for the day. The hurry during my morning workout, the pressure to look good, to find the right outfit, put on a perfect smile and the badass attitude.

Looking around the train, I can easily recognize the sulky faces of strangers. People who are heading to their places of work, where they spend more than 8 hours a day, dreading the idea of devoting their time and energy to running on autopilot. …

Good. This piece of advice is for you.

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You can stumble upon many articles with recipes to ride the merry-go-round of your single phase as the best time of your life.

Still, you despise it. Still, you get lonely. You grow disappointed at yet another failed relationship.

You get impatient and strive for attention. You long for the perfect relationship you have envisioned in your mind. You focus on the lack of a relationship and a myriad of disappointments the current state presents you with.

What if we flip the coin?

What if we step away and try to see the bigger picture?

Do you believe you are…

Embrace them.

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All I hear are rants about how social media, celebrities, fitness models promote unattainable beauty standards: glowy skin, tiny waist, thigh gap, hair extensions, fake lips and everything else validation-seeking nature of the human mind can come up with.

We create problems with contemporary standards of shaving our legs and whole body, plucking eyebrows, eating carbs.

At the same time, we want to be attractive and appreciated. And if you are telling me otherwise, you are a big fat liar. You can lie to me, I don’t care, but you are doing yourself a humongous disservice when deceiving yourself.


Foolishness is sexy.

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Do yourself a favour and ditch perfectionism. Your self-growth will skyrocket. Your creativity will start flowing. Your nervous system will thank you for it.

First of all, perfection is not relatable. There is nothing exquisite about it. It moves you further from people and your authenticity. And genuine people are madly magnetic, right?

Second of all, perfection is way too overrated.

And self-improvement became a facade for striving towards perfection. There is nothing for you to fix anyway, as you are already complete. The key lies in giving yourself the permission to discover your authentic side.

Besides, when brilliant Ethan…

Katarzyna Portka

Sharp-eyed and keen-eared for rays of gratitude. Entering my 30s and honing the skill of romanticizing my little quirks.

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