A few habits you should give up.

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With minimalism on the rise, decluttering your life became a hot trend. Overexploiting our space or finances seems a recipe for a disaster and social misconduct.

It got me thinking: shouldn’t we make an inventory of habits that sabotage our self-growth? After all, the self-help industry, as reported by Market…

The reason you are not using its full potential.

Yes, it is based on vibrations, emotions and thoughts. But it requires action, an inspired one.

First of all, this law is omnipresent and universal, just like the law of gravity. You cannot cease using any of it.

Second of all, you have utter control of how you want to…

Be mindful of whom you invite into your life … and your bed.

The subject of sex is no longer taboo.

I am grateful for that.

Intimacy, on the other hand, is still a ridiculed subject shrouded in mystery.

Nowadays, more people than ever engage in casual hookups. Yet, the sensual awareness diminishes as the shame around sexual intercourse ripens. …

Fat “no” is making a comeback.

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No one ever taught me how to become assertive with my feelings and wishes. In that area, I am a self-made woman and still learning.

One of the best forms of self-care I have ever cultivated is the ability to say no. …

I have mastered the art of living a joyful life to the fullest.

What values speak through your lifestyle?

Many people fail to recognize what they want or never meet those expectations. When you are aware of the qualities guiding you to a fulfilling life, you get to consciously shape your experience.

You can train your mind to become more adept at recognizing…

How to accept people for who they are

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Do not try to change people. Change your perception of them.

We tend to throw labels: disrespectful, judgmental, insecure, jealous, lazy, ungrateful. Labels are images you project onto people. Your assumptions about them.

The truth is: everyone is already perfect. We do not see it because our assumptions become the…

Mindfulness is all the rage, and it has its reasons backed by science.

Throughout the epidemic of crippling anxiety, everyone can indulge in the calm-me-down practice. Meditation can seem off-putting at first for those who crave movement. Luckily, there is a perfect combo for sweat junkies.

Move your body to feel good.

There is no doubt that any form of movement boosts your mood.

Exercise helps stimulate the release…

No drama. No diets. No forcing. No judgment

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When you look in the mirror, what do you tell yourself?

Do you praise the reflection smiling back at you? Do you pity yourself and criticize every inch of your body? Perhaps you avoid looking in the mirror for fear of being judged?

Whichever option you choose, consciously or unconsciously…

Here is why, and how it affects your life, not only sexual pleasure.

In today’s hyper-sexualized culture of WAP and modern erotic novels, nudity, even violent sexuality, enjoys a prime spot in mainstream culture. Yet, many people cringe at the idea of openly talking about sex. …

Don’t think about it. Plus, few more mindset shifts.

Do you know that struggle to limit carbs only to find yourself indulging in insane amounts of pizza one month later? Are you familiar with coming home from an intense workout and justify yourself for eating that junk food?

As I have been through a fair share of diets, long…

Katarzyna Portka

Mindset coach. Writer. Reader. Coffee enthusiast. Tolkien’s fan living in Harry Potter’s world.

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