The key to a successful and bullshit-free life.

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I used to fear being rejected. Whether in a job interview, asking a guy on a date or asking for help. My perfectionist side would surface disguised as a fear of failure: “Don’t take the next step, you might mess up your latest progress”.

Do you know what the fear has presented me with?

Comfort zone. Stability. Anxiety. I was merely floating. What an infertile way of existing.

Fear from rejection deprives you of chances to grow, navigating through new relationships, experimenting with the raw taste of life.

But the same fear can also unravel a fertile ground for self-growth.

Coin it into your superpower.

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Ever since I can remember, I was praised for my pretty face. Not just pretty. A flawless complexion.

I have reached the point where I linked my self-worth to my physical appearance, face especially. I did not put too much effort into beauty regimes, makeup I put on, but I fancied the idea of trying to look nice, to keep up to the “pretty face” brand.

However, it bugged me whenever somebody focused on my external looks alone. Whenever I lost weight, I heard voices of applause and approval. Whenever I gained weight, I heard comments and petty remarks. I…

When betrayal becomes your wake-up call.

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Being cheated on, then left for another woman is not a matter to be proud of.

Well, I am.

If it wasn’t for the brutal change of my reality, I wouldn’t have breathed in a new life perspective. I would have fallen into a state of disrepair.

Deep down, I knew I deserved better. However, I did nothing to exercise any change.

So, the Universe stepped in. It literally shook me by the arms hinting: „You are going the wrong path. I have something better in store for you”.

It was a kind of relationship like a one-night stand dragging…

Authenticity is smart. A new trend on the horizon.

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Since I can remember I used to play by myself, make decisions by myself, like spending time alone.

Next thing I remember is acting politely, smiling out of obligation, keeping opinions to myself out of manners.

Whenever I wanted ‘me time’ I kept quiet not to hurt others. Little did I know, I was abusing my boundaries.

The pressure to grow into an attentive and sweet woman is overwhelming.

We got so skilled at putting masks on. We hide true self for fear of being judged.

We expertise in changing our nature due to the opinions and expectations of our family, friends or co-workers. However, most of them do not linger in…

When comfort zone becomes your best friend.

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It seems a pervasive approach to expect the unexpected, to refrain from making plans. Yet today, more than ever, one can stumble upon articles, self-help books emphasizing the importance of setting goals.

The unknown stirs a vast array of emotions, from fear and panic to hope and excitement.

Uncertainty can cause us to feel more stressed indeed, but only if we let it.

It seems natural for the human mind to become impatient, to cross things out from the ‘to do’ list as quickly as possible. …

A few habits you should give up.

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With minimalism on the rise, decluttering your life became a hot trend. Overexploiting our space or finances seems a recipe for a disaster and social misconduct.

It got me thinking: shouldn’t we make an inventory of habits that sabotage our self-growth? After all, the self-help industry, as reported by Market Research, by 2022 will have an estimated growth of $13.2 billion with 5.6% average yearly gains.

We seem so eager to work on ourselves, but do we even exercise tips and tricks found in the self-help section of the bookstore?

Hungry for some practical advice? Here are some ingredients you…

Powerful habits change your perspective.

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In the past, I was convinced that only a good sweat at the gym can guarantee desirable results. Do not get me wrong, with yoga you can still achieve a great amount of juices flowing. However, it is a different kind. A much better kind.

I have been practicing yoga for more than a year now. Previously, I have been working out at the gym or home doing Pilates, core exercises, cardio training. Most of the time I dreaded it. I found no motivation behind working out other than toning my body or losing weight. After all, it was not…

Confessions of a former make-up artist.

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Accessing people by their looks is a notion ripe for scrutiny.

Self-love can be mistaken for vanity. However, there is nothing narcissistic or shallow when you genuinely want to take care of yourself and for yourself.

Yes, make-up can help you look younger. Yes, make-up can transform your face. Whether we like it or not, taking care of your physical appearance does boost your confidence and change your mood. When approached wisely.

After having my first professional make-up done, I dived all in. My drawers started filling up with glitters, lipsticks I would never give a chance to try. Make-up…

Add your Tinder expertise to your CV.

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Due to pandemic and restrictions in the social area, 2020 has been ranked as the busiest year of the dating apps era.

However, Tinder brings to my mind space of desperate and longing for love individuals. They swarm with hands stretched out into their air, pleading: “Can somebody here love me?”

No disrespect.

I am guilty of being a seasoned user of the app as well.

I admit the attitude I have created my profile with was drenched with a desperate attempt to find a partner.

Throughout the year, my approach has changed drastically. …

Why being an introvert is a poor excuse.

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Hasn’t declaring oneself an introvert became a trend nowadays?

Staying in became a proud testimony.

Hating humanity, a fashion we feel inclined to follow.

I thrive in solitude. I understand how living alone can become a tempting pursuit.

What I have realized as well was that solitude closes many opportunities for our self-growth.

Isolation deprives us of curiosity.

Prolonged solitude thwarts our chances of getting to know ourselves. People are our greatest teachers and guides throughout this magnificent journey called life.

The world and its intrinsic components are our mirrors. They will always reflect what we believe in.

I understand the outside might seem an…

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Sharp-eyed and keen-eared for each ray of gratitude a day. Entering my 30s and honing the skill of romanticizing my little quirks. Recovering people-pleaser.

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